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The sky can’t decide what colour to be just like you couldn’t decide if you wanted me

rachael takes hella rad photos

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I took this at my friends birthday on top of the fairmont. We woke up to see the sunrise at 6:30 and all I could think of, was how lucky I was to be here and now. the sky seemed to prove my point

idk if you can read the sentence on the right page but its relevance is that a while ago my boyfriend texted me “goodnight, sweetheart” but sweetheart autocorrected to “stardust” and i thought that was really beautiful but anyway things have been really complicated lately so i ran away to the mountains to try to clear my head and it didn’t work but at least i made this while i was there and i’ve missed the mountains for a long time so 

I love you so much Kate

I was curious about what exactly this was, so I went to the blog that posted this and found out that it’s actually a self-sufficient vertical garden that the community created together. Everyone that sees it is encouraged to give the plants some water and add their own if they’d like. Awesome.